Warming In: An Introductory Self-Study


A 6-week introductory workshop with Jill Bodak exploring the fundamentals of posture, how your anatomy relates to the way you feel, and more.

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We all wonder things about our bodies. Why does it feel this way? What can I do about it? Why won’t it get better? When we can’t answer these questions, being in a body can be frustrating, painful, and scary.

One of my favourite parts of clinical practice is helping people understand just how related all our “parts” really are, but I rarely have time to finish those conversations in my office. This workshop will share my understanding of bodies, to help take your understanding to the next level.

We will use six weeks to cover three themes:

  • Basic tools to “Warm-In” instead of “Warm-Up” your own body
  • The fundamentals of posture both seated and standing
  • How your own anatomy relates to the way you feel in the context of your own life

Each week will include a pre-recorded:

  • Anatomy talk with specific examples of how a person’s lived experience overlaps with the structures in their body.
  • Breath practice to “Warm-In” to a felt sense of the body we’re talking about!
  • Movement exploration to weave structural understanding together into lived experience.
  • Call recording to practice, discuss, and delve deeper into the ideas presented.

How It Works

You will receive a welcome email with a link to a password-protected page with the workshop materials: video and audio recordings, handouts, and more.

If you have specific questions you’d like answered, feel free to email me and I’ll respond directly to you.

A limited number of scholarship opportunities will be available by request to those in financial need.

All sales are final.

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