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Loved Into Being is a true story about stroke told through the eyes of an eldest daughter. All proceeds will be donated to Dying with Dignity Canada.

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Loved Into Being is a book project written over the three years I spent with my dad post stroke. The book follows our journey from the early moments of his stroke on a ski hill in Kelowna, through his survival, his recovery, his life beyond stroke and his medically assisted death on December 6th, 2022. Before his death we read this book together, cover-to-cover and it was his hope that the story might reach the hearts of people who need it. Those who have lived with stroke, those who live with disability, those caregiving, those who have lost a parent and anyone considering medical assistance in dying. My whole heart is in this book and it is a tribute to my incredible dad.

All proceeds will be donated to in Bill’s memory.

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“Oh it’s a good book. It’s sad…. But it’s true!” – Bill Bodak The Only Endorsement That Matters

“What a gift this book is! Jill Bodak plumbs the often overwhelming depths of caregiving with a tender heart. Her deep knowledge of human physiology combines with her gentle empathy, making this memoir both soul-restoring and enlightening. Loved Into Being is a valuable read for anyone navigating the illness of a loved one or enduring grief. These experiences can be isolating, but Bodak reminds us we’re not alone — and that there are many ways to choose compassion, find joy, and be rescued by love, even in the darkest of nights.” – Marissa Stapley, New York Times-bestselling author of Lucky

“Loved into Being perfectly captures what it’s like to make that awful, agonizing trip to the hospital not knowing what condition you’ll find your loved one in. In this veritable page-turner, you’ll feel as if you’re in the room with the Bodak family as they face the aftermath of their father’s catastrophic stroke. The book is devastatingly poignant for anyone who’s been through it and a harrowing and propulsive read for those who dread that the day will come. Yes, there’s an ocean of tears, but there are just as many unexpected laughs as we come to see the world through the eyes of a dry-witted, determined, and dedicated daughter, who when faced with her dad’s mortality – a man who could “fix, figure, or building anything” – lets her own “weird and tormented” side guide the way. As an osteopath, Jill heals with her hands every day, and as it turns out, she can do the same with words.” – Shanda Deziel, Deputy Editor, Hello! Canada

“With candour, humour, and a keen insight into the world of wellness, Jill Bodak tells not only a personal story of love and caregiving, but also, one of loss and grief, which countless others will relate to. Bodak has a keen eye for detail and storytelling, which she deftly employs to highlight the heartbreaking impact of illness of those we love, as well as our own hearts. For anyone who has supported or loved someone whose life has been dramatically altered, Loved Into Being will make you feel seen.” – Kelly S. Thompson, national bestselling author of Girls Need Not Apply and Still, I Cannot Save You


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