About Anatomy on Purpose

My mission is to revolutionize the way we teach anatomy.

I have spent decades studying bones, muscles, joints and ligaments, memorizing Latin words and labelling each and every speck of the human body. And although that education has been useful to me in my career, those details aren’t applicable in real life. The anatomy I learned in school was “book smart” but I want people to have a place to study bodies that’s “street smart”… or in our work-from-home world, maybe it’s “seat smart.”

To the average working person, studying anatomy probably doesn’t sound like the best way to change your life. First off, it’s intimidating. Secondly, it sounds boring. And to top it all off, it’s not very useful. At least that’s how I’d feel about taking the time to learn most of the ‘book smart’ anatomy I’ve studied in my career.

But what if understanding our bodies could change the way we treated them? Change the way we sat, or moved or thought about ourselves. What if we could study all the ways that our bodily pains overlap repeatedly with our postural habits, or emotional strains and the way we breathe or move?

To study a body in that way is Anatomy on Purpose. This site offers a variety of ways to engage with these ideas, from short video clips on the site to workshops, private groups, online courses and retreats. No matter how you choose to study, we’ll use five basic principles to understand our bodies in a different way, and in doing so, feel better.

Anatomy on Purpose | Jill Bodak

Basic Principles

Here are THE BASICS of each Anatomy on Purpose video, workshop, and retreat:

These principles might seem cheeky (pun intended) but each one of them has a scientific law or an irrefutable truth at it’s core. The anatomy lessons, workshops and retreats that we do are all based on different ways of exploring these five truths and, like any worthwhile endeavour, the study of anatomy has no finish line. You can deepen this understanding for the rest of your life.

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