You can study your life from a lot of different angles.

Anatomy on Purpose is a place to take all those perspectives and look at the ways they intersect. We’ll cover the five basic principles for understanding what a body is, what it does and how it works and along the way, weave in other concepts; like breath, movement and sound. This “many glances, many times” approach helps us to give texture to the way we see our bodies and find new ways to make connections between what we feel and what we know.


We all share some concern for the state of the world today. Whether you’re moved by issues of health, politics, war, gender identity, queer rights, environmental stability, our world has a way to make you worry. The relentless pace of change and challenge over recent years has left no life untouched. And now, as masks are removed and doors are flung open, in the midst of global violence, we are left wondering, “What do we do now?”

Owning Your Intake

One of my pet peeves as a clinician is the intake process. These days, with online booking, online correspondence, online consent forms and online health history documents the subtle art of listening to a person tell you how they are is getting lost. For the sake of efficiency, human contact is being automated out of our clinical experiences, particularly during the pandemic.


What’s all the fuss about breath these days? As the world reels from the impact of isolation and lockdowns, we’ve all looked for new ways to cope. Exercise has been limited, so have social settings and one of the things that has evolved out of Covid-19 is a plethora of breathwork courses, teachers, and techniques.

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