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I’m Jill and I’m an Anatomy geek. There is nothing I love more than learning about bodies.

Anatomy on Purpose is the brainchild of my many years studying how they work. I have been in private practice as an Osteopathic Clinician since 2013, but what we’re doing here draws on my experiences from outside the office too. My fascination with human form has led down a path that has included a degree in Kinesiology, multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings, the study of Voice and Sound, work as a Personal Trainer, years of competitive sport, Meditation Studies and Cadaver Labs. I have taught anatomy to other clinicians, yoga teachers, university students, and most importantly, to thousands of people in my office that don’t specialize in anatomy at all. That last group, the ordinary people looking for help, is where I think the study of anatomy can really change lives.

There isn’t a single person I’ve met who couldn’t benefit from a deeper understanding of their own body. What it is, what it does, and how it works. Sometimes those conversations are longer than clinical time can allow. I feel called to take the body-based learning we do in my office to on-line spaces instead. This shift was stimulated by the pandemic but has turned out to be a great way to connect with more people and have deeper conversations about the things we’ve been taught, the things we wish we knew and the things we didn’t realize we needed to know about our own bodies. Understanding is the central pillar of my approach to learning and to my clinical work with patients. Now we’ll practice it here.

For more information about my private practice or education background, visit Original Health and Wellness where I do ‘in-person’ work.

Jill Bodak | Anatomy on Purpose
Jill Bodak (She/Her)

Founder of Anatomy on Purpose | Osteopathic Clinician | Writer
M.OMSc., HBK. M.Sc. Kin (Candidate)

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